Community Support


Pediatric Glaucoma and Cataract Family Association (PGCFA)
This is a great organisation whose mission is to promote the quality of life for children with glaucoma and cataracts and their families by providing education, resources, expert information and support. Ray has been a Board member since 1998.

Over the years, Ray and Lata have supported many charities including:


Philanthropy and Charitable Giving

"In life, think about what you can give to your fellow human beings rather than what you can get from them!"

"Giving creates so much happiness in the recipient and the donor."

"What kind of life would we have on this planet, if nobody gave or donated anything?"

"We cannot change the whole world, but we can make a huge difference in a few peoples lives by donating time, money and resources."

We all have heard the above words of wisdom. We believe in these concepts, and therefore, we try to donate our skills, time and money. Some years back, we started funding a University Scholarship in Birmingham, UK. Over the years, we have donated regularly to local hospitals, temples, medical research organizations, Care/support organisations, etc. Over the next forty years, we are committed to donating over $100,000 dollars to various charities. Moreover, our Estate will donate 25% of our assets when the second of us gets the call from Heaven.

We encourage all our clients, friends and relatives to come forward and donate their skills, time, and money!

Sharing all the gifts and the bounty God has given you will create so much joy and happiness on this lovely planet!

Do not forget to share – as life is just too short and you only get one shot at it! And don’t wait till you have some spare time or some spare money!


Securing your Family's Future

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